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midwest hippie
3 November
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My LJ activity comes in phases, so I can't promise anything too fascinating here. The serious stuff is all f-locked but feel free to friend me if you know me :)

~this is my life~
♪I'm a grad student in biochemistry. I'm hoping to get my PhD and then change the world. Science education is incredibly important, and if I were to leave a mark on this world, that's where I'd want it to be.

♫I've been married to J for five years. No kids, one dog.

♪Science isn't just what I study, it's what I do. I spend way too much time reading about it, thinking about it, and making stupid jokes about it.

♫In addition to science, music is another obsession. I love finding new (to me) bands that I can enjoy and experience life with. Sounds cheesy, but good songs are like friends that can't fail you. When you need 'em, you always know where to find 'em! I also sing in choir (and karaoke now!) and I think I'd rather sing a song about something painful then sit and experience all that negativity by myself.